New release v0.1.2: Introducing Microfeed's Powerful CRUD API for Effortless Content Management

· Wenbin Fang

We are pleased to announce the release of microfeed v0.1.2.

With the introduction of a comprehensive CRUD API in this new release, microfeed empowers users to seamlessly create, update, and delete content programmatically.

To harness the power of the new CRUD API, users must navigate to the /admin/settings/ page in their microfeed dashboard. Here, a simple toggle option allows you to enable the API, unlocking a world of possibilities for content management automation. Once enabled, you can begin integrating microfeed into your existing workflows or build entirely new applications that interact with the platform.

To ensure a smooth integration process, microfeed has provided a comprehensive documentation page for the new API release. Accessible at /json/openapi on a microfeed instance (e.g.,, the documentation guides users through the various endpoints, request structures, and response formats supported by the API.

We encourage all users to update their forked repo to the latest version of microfeed and re-deploy to Cloudflare. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest release of microfeed: [email protected]