New release v0.1.1: Follow-up improvements after the initial launch of v0.1.0

· Wenbin Fang

We are pleased to announce the release of microfeed v0.1.1.

We launched the first version of microfeed (v0.1.0) around 50 days ago, and since then, we've received numerous bug reports, feature requests, and other useful feedbacks . We would like to express our gratitude to all our users for their valuable contributions.

This latest release (v0.1.1) brings three main categories of changes, which include bug fixes, DevOps-related improvements, and adding the OpenAPI spec for json feed. Specifically, we have added the OpenAPI spec in YAML and HTML, which will provide greater clarity and ease of use for our users.

One notable use case of microfeed is as a headless CMS. With our admin dashboard, human editors can easily publish content, while custom code (such as scripts or mobile apps) or third-party software (such as Zapier or Hugo) can consume content via microfeed's JSON feed. For example, you can find our website's JSON feed at

We encourage all users to update their forked repo to the latest version of microfeed and re-deploy to Cloudflare. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest release of microfeed: [email protected]