Microfeed is a specification and a reference implementation of client-server architecture providing access to various information sources that have a feed-type interface. Examples of those feed sources include micro-blogging services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku, Qaiku, and Laconi.ca. By utilizing Microfeed architecture, a client application can focus on user interface, while the actual feed fetching is done in the background independently. The communication between a local Microfeed server publishing information about feeds and a client application displaying that information to an user is done with the D-Bus messaging following the publisher-subscriber principle.

For end-users

Microfeed provides backend for other applications, and thus is not usable for end-users as is.
•    Mauku will be the first application utilizing the Microfeed library.

For developers

Microfeed consists of a specification and a reference implementation.
•    Microfeed Specification – How to communicate directly over the D-Bus
•    Reference implementation – Libraries and utilites to make application development easier
•    Contribute – You want to help with the development? Please, join in!
2009-06-28 Specification version 0.1 and implementation version 0.1 are released.
2009-08-04 Implementation version 0.2 is released.
2009-08-23 Implementation version 0.3 is released.
2009-09-01 Implementation version 0.4 is released.
2009-10-04 Source code available in Gitorius.

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